my best friend inbox khas untuk dia :
i know about u and ika and i know what you did to her . remember back then u tried to convince me that you're not a player ? well, i never believe u even until today . it pisses me off that u had the guts to hurt my bestfriend but then again, i already warned her about u . but she wanted to give u that chance . and i thought probably it was a chance for u to prove to me that i was wrong not to believe u . but then i was wrong to let her go on with u . now look what u've done ? malas nk ckp apa pasal korang just that ika pon taw yg mey ada fb tp mey block dea kan ? dy mintak mey unblock dy . mey unblock jela dia ea ?

Ini khas untuk awak .

selamat menyambut ramadhan. 
moga kali ini membawa rahmat dalam hidup kita.

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