All About Me

Assalamualaikum , hello bloggers. Heyya readers and stalkers :) Let me introduce myself first.
My name is Noor Zulaikha Yusof. You can call me Iyka. I already 18 years old.
Born on 9 April 1993 and stay at Perlis. I got two sisters, Noorakmira and Noor Ashikin.
I love purple and pink. Err what else you want know . I don't have any idea what should i share with
all of you. Yezza proud to say I'm beliebers or Justin Bieber Fans :) I adore him. I love him .
I'm camera addicted, one day, i want to be a photographer. Pray for me.
For you information , i love shopping. i love to waste my money . Most of ladies, loved shopping like me.
I think i'm friendly and loving especially with my bestie, Nur Syafiqa and my adopted sisters.
Sometime i'm so egoistic , take a note. Ohh yeahh , I'm already taken . I'm not single.
My superhero is Amir Haziq a.k.a gemok :) okay, stop talking about him.
what else , err . i love bowling. Even i'm not a good player but i'm still want to play.
so anybody want to fight with me ? okay fine, i'm just kidding.
hm i think that's all from me. thank you :)
I'm sorry with my english , i'm not good . i'm not excellent student .

Lots of love,

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