Uncomfortable Soul

You could love me or not
But either way I've got to
Wake up to face another day tomorrow morning
You could love me or not
But either way I've got the sunrise looking in my eyes

It make me sad the fact that you are almost everything I have ever wanted and always make me smile, 
but you 're also someone I feel will never be able to have.

 I've tried to block your memory to protect me from the pain, pretend I never knew you,
and never heard your name. But the wall aren't strong enough and I fight my tears in vain.
The feeling came creeping through and the hurt is still the same. I wish I could forget you,
or make you see me now. The pain will ease in time, and though I know it's over 
what we had is gone, the memories will live forever in a corner of my mind .

i wish i can forget the pain
i wish i can forget the people who hurt me
i wish i can forget the bitterness
i wish i can fully let go
i wish i can move on
i wish i am that strong that they thought i am
i wish i can be free
i wish i am not scared
i wish i can fully forgive
i wish i can love again
i wish someone will love me
i wish for happiness
i wish i can make it through the end
i wish i can
i wish.

I know it hurts. I know that. But if I give up now, I may be missing something greater than you
could ever have imagined. And no one wants to miss something that will change their life forever.
Just keep holding on, and I promise it'll get better. it always does, have faith.

dear someone,
if you look back on times we had . I hope you smile.
i love you. I'm guessing you're reading this and you 
don't even know I'm talking about you.  
thank you. #smile

Girl ,
Menangis sambil meraung.

sorry this is a sad post

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