tagged again.

Assalamualaikum :) Thanks fasihah for tagging.
Here we go baby. but i don't want to post their rules.

11 things about Me <3

1. Noor Zulaikha Yusof
2. kuat menangis. cepat terasa.
3. purple and red freak
4. friendly girl tetapi pemalu. take note please
5. love to be model than photographer
6. Kids lover
7. Loyal in a relationship
8. Love shopping
9. fallen in love right now
10. Adore Justin Bieber and Pitbull
11. seorang yang manja dan gedik. HAHA


briefly describe me.
- Her beautiful name is Nur Fasihah Bt. Shariee
- She is 17 years old, born on 27 july 1994
- stay at taman sri wang fasa 2
- she's already taken by ELMO
- I think she's the girl who love to laugh but sometimes be emotional gegurl
- i called her Aci and Faseh
- hot temper girl but iyka sikit pon tak takot :P
- Iloveherfuckingverymuch <3 Take note please aci.

who's the most important person in your life ?
- surely my MAMA

do you really feel the presence of me ?
- Of course dear. you are the one important person in my life.

benda yang selalu patahkan semangat korang ?
- malas nak list. sekian

what is your biggest dream ?
- Firstly i want marry ' you '.
- i want to be successful women and make my parents proud with me.

your favourites song ?
- chamak challo
- stereo hearts
- fire flys
- ombak rindu
- rain over me
- bon bon
- hey baby drop it to the floor

the sweetest memory that you ever have with me ?
- when we are lepaking and shared our problems together. i miss that's moment

mana lagi penting , HANDPHONE or MP3 PLAYER ?
- surely my handphone

kalau diberi $ 1000000 USD , what will you do with the money ?
- i want shopping , shopping and shopping

- facebooking , sebab boleh nak menggatal. HAHA

what do you wish to have in future ? 
- My happily family
- My future husband
- Blackberry , Ipad , DSLR
- Mini Cooper
- And many more.

Sorry blogger , i don't want to make questions. Now, i'm so hungry and so so lazy.
and sorry with my English . I think berterabur. HAHA 
Chaww blogger :) Muah muah .

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