reasons why your boyfriend left you

p/s : sys , i stole this and i wanna ask permission to copy it . thanks :)
  1. They start to feel bored with relationship. Or in other word, they're tired with commitment. That's why in a relationship we have to keep on doing new things with our partner. It'll be better if we do some crazy things. 
  2. They feel like they dont deserve you. Actually i dont really think this kinda situation exist. But still i'll put it as one of the reasons. Maybe he feels that you'll be better without him because of certain reason. But still i dont really agree with it -.- 
  3. They fall in love again with someone else. Some said if you already have a girlfriend and then you accidentally fall in love with someone else, just leave your girlfriend because if you really love her you'll never look at any other girl. 
  4. They dont really love you. Maybe they were planning from the start to try their market or betting with their friends. JAHAT KAN? D: But remember what goes around comes around.

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