* cakap dengan cermin

Kepada kaum hawa di luar sana, terutama sekali kepada kawan kawanku, Ayuh, wake up. Anda semua kuat. Jangan mudah mengalah, hanya kerana LELAKI. Kita punya masa dan benda yang lebih baik daripada mereka. Ingatlah, you deserve someone better. Allah Maha Mengetahui Segalanya. Jodoh Kita Sudah Ditetapkan :D

Jangan tunjuk dekat dorang yang korang semua lemah. Show them that you CAN live without them. You will find someone who is BETTER than the previous ones. I believe, you'll find the right one. Just have faith in yourselves okay dear ?

Don't put too much hope for them. If they really love you, they would do anything for you just to be with you. Don't have serious feelings towards them, just be normal. They would catch you if they love you. If you too quickly fall in love with someone, you might end up getting hurt.

When he leaves you, don't hope and wait for that person to come back. Feel good about yourself and say " Thanks for giving me the chance to find someone better than you :). One day, they'll come back to you and realize you're the one for them :)

And to guys out there, no offense, if you dont have any feelings towards someone, please, please dont leave her hanging. If you dont like her, let her know. And one more thing, dont ever cheat on her. Girls will never trust the guy(s) who has once cheated on her.

I suppose it's true that we all fall in love with things we can't have.

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