when i'm bored :)

Let's start with your name:
noor zulaikha yusof :)

Sex before marriage? Yes or No:

Do you like the way you look?
surely Like ! bersyukur .

Would you kill for chocolate?

Do you wish you were someone else?
no komen =.=

Who is your best friend?
too many .
i can share anythings with anybody who i trust !

What's you favorite animal?
 hamsters .

When you are an adult where do you want to live?
 anywhere ( based on my job and husband ) HAHA

Do you want to get married?
yes !

How old are you now?
seventeen already

When do you want to get married?
 maybe 24 , maybe 25 . i don't know :)

Do you like children?
yes . HAHAHA

Do you want children?
of course

How many?
err maybe 2 . boy and girl .

Have you ever talked about marriage with someone?
no comment ! NONSENSE

What's your favorite drink?
whatever , asalkan HALAL dn tanpa susu .

Fav. thing to do on a rainy day?
sleep and sleep .

How about a sunny day?
also sleep . zzzz

What about when you're sick?
sleep again and again . HAHAHAHA

Perfect guy?
nobody perfect in this world .

Believe in love at first sight?
yess , i do :)

Who calls you the most?
err . i dun't know .

Who do you call the most?
my dad or abah . HAHAHA

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